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Kate Gale | Works

Kate Gale

Author & Editor



goldilocks-zone-kate-gale-2The Goldilocks Zone

University of New Mexico Press

ISBN: 978-0826354327









mating_seasonMating Season

Tupelo Press, 2004

ISBN 1-888996-34-X







Kate Gale's Fishers of MenFishers of Men

Red Hen Press, 2000

ISBN 1-888996-27-7







hammockSelling the Hammock

Red Hen Press, 1998

ISBN 1-888996-06-4







crowsWhere Crows & Men Collide

Red Hen Press,1995

ISBN 0-963952-84-6







blue_airBlue Air

Garden Street Press, 1993

ISBN 0-963952-85-4








lake_fireLake of Fire

Winter Street Press, 2000

ISBN 0-970105-79-7







Published Dissertation

poet_dividedThe Poet Divide / Subversion and the Self

VDM Verlag, 2009










devils_punchbowlThe Devil’s Punchbowl

Red Hen Press, 2010

ISBN 978-1597091640









crucifixThe Crucifix is Down

Red Hen Press, 2005 (ed.)

ISBN 1-888996-34-X








syndromeFake-City Syndrome

Red Hen Press, 2002 (ed.)

ISBN 1-888996-60-9








cathedralBlue Cathedral

Red Hen Press, 2000 (ed.)

ISBN 1-888996-60-9







anyone_is_possibleAnyone is Possible

Red Hen Press, 1997 (ed.)

ISBN 1-888996-01-3








Rio de Sangre

with composer Don Davis

Paradises Lost

with Ursula K. LeGuin and composer Stephen Andrew Taylor


adapted from the novel by Octavia Butler with composer Billy Childs

Inner Circle

adapted from the novel by T.C. Boyle with composer Daniel Felsenfeld


african_sleeping_beautyAfrican Sleeping Beauty

Blue Beginnings Publishing, 2000

ISBN 0-963952-88-9